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We are a family owned and operated company with roots going back to the first cruise calls to Helsinki many decades ago. Our team, in its current configuration, has been with us for more than 25 years. Decades of experience in handling cruise ship tour operations has given us vast knowledge and expertise in the field. We handle small and large ships with dedication, professionalism, and quality in mind. We work with many international cruise lines.


All shore excursions we provide are thoroughly planned, all guides we use are handpicked and coaches used are of highest quality. With us you get a vast amount of experience and knowledge in the field of Shore Excursions in Finland. If you are planning cruise calls to Finland, please get in touch and see what we can offer. We have operations in many of the Finnish ports and can handle all your visits through one point of contact.

We are a proud member of “The World’s Leading Ground Operators”, an association of operators specializing in land programs for the world’s top cruise lines.

  • Experienced staff, office and pierside
  • Cruise operations in all of Finland
  • Wide selection of Shore Excursions
  • One point of contact
  • Large and small cruise ships
  • Certified for Sustainable Travel (GSTC) 
  • Insured experiences

Finnish Cruise Ports


The Helsinki region includes the capital city and its metropolitan area, as well as some further-flung towns and cities. Here, nature trails and city life are both never more than a stone’s throw away, and the area is overflowing with good food, great design, interesting museums and unique architecture. From Helsinki you also reach for example Porvoo known for its old wooden town, charming cafés and the ochre painted riverside warehouses.


Founded almost 800 hundred years ago, Turku is the oldest city and the former capital of Finland. The city takes pride in its long cultural history and relevance as a gateway to the west. During the summer, the riverbanks of Turku come to life when people gather to eat, drink and listen to music. Old sailing ships dock along the riverside, and you can take cruises to the archipelago or to nearby Naantali – the sunniest town in Finland.


Finland’s long and winding coast is full of charming maritime towns and villages. Kotka-Hamina welcome visitors with nature-inspired attractions, cozy accommodations, and historical sights. The archipelago and the lake country is easily accessible from Kotka, offering so much to see and explore.


The Åland archipelago consists of around 6,500 islands, but just over 60 are inhabited. If you want peace and calm, go island-hopping, or just stay put in charming Marienhamn, a cute village-like town with a strong maritime and shipping heritage. Great stop for smaller or midsized ships.


The town of Rauma was founded in 1442, making it the third oldest town in the country. It’s known for its colourful regional dialect, its long tradition in bobbin lace-making and the well-preserved wooden buildings of Old Rauma – a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Walking around Old Rauma is like stepping back in time: the colourful wooden houses, decorative gates, cobble stone streets and beautiful public buildings appear as if straight from the past.


Located on the west coast of Finland, Vaasa and its surroundings offer a unique combination of nature experiences and modern city life on a single visit. Vaasa and the Kvarken archipelago are a great place to witness geologic history in action.


Oulu is a perfect mix of northern nature, urban city culture and original local flavour. Visit Oulu and taste the ingredients that make up the city and its residents: rich tones of creativity, closeness to nature, a hint of originality and laid back attitude combined with a forward looking mentality and easy going mindset.


In the northernmost shores of the Gulf of Bothnia lies the town of Kemi. During the summer months visitors are attracted to the region by the white-water rivers and spectacular Bothnian Bay National Park archipelago, which provide a wealth of opportunities for fishing, river rafting and sailing. From here you can also travel to Rovaniemi, the city of the Midnight Sun and the official hometown of Santa Claus. Travel in riverboats, visit reindeer farms, and of course, cross the Arctic Circle.