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LSS – Long Special Services: Your Ultimate Travel Organizer in Finland

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Exploring the Wonders of Finland with Expert Guidance

Embarking on a journey through Finland’s captivating landscapes and dynamic urban centers is an experience best accompanied by a travel partner who is not only well-organized but also deeply embedded in the local culture and enthusiastic about presenting the finest aspects of the nation. Since 1994, a Finnish travel organizer and DMC has been creating memorable adventures. Driven by a family-oriented approach, they have consistently provided top-notch tour products and experiences, ensuring that each trip is more than just travel—it’s a collection of cherished memories.

Keeping a close watch on the evolving travel industry, this company stays at the forefront, adapting to the latest travel trends to offer fresh and captivating experiences. Their extensive expertise shines through in their management of land arrangements for international cruise liners in Finland, a service they have been refining since the first ships arrived in Helsinki over three decades ago. From the planning and production to the execution of tours, their skill in handling arrangements for groups of various sizes is unmatched. Whether it’s a full travel package, a day excursion, transfer services, guide reservations, corporate team-building events, or additional activities like city tours, they possess the resources and knowledge to make it a reality.

Forging Connections and Designing Customized Adventures

This travel company is known for its expansive network of destinations, transportation providers, hotels, and guides, with whom they’ve built enduring partnerships. This network is dynamic, constantly growing as they seek out novel and thrilling destinations for their guests, vet potential guides, and keep abreast of the latest openings in hotels and restaurants. Their dedication to forging and nurturing strong relationships with partners, from guides to ports and beyond, reflects their commitment to service excellence.

Each tour is carefully orchestrated, reserved well in advance, and logistics are meticulously managed to craft the finest experience for the customer. Proud of their Finnish roots, the team is passionate about showcasing the country’s offerings. For those in search of personalized service, local expertise, and well-coordinated travel packages, this company is a top choice. Operating from their central office in Helsinki, they provide the reassurance of knowing exactly who is managing your travel plans, and the confidence that their commitments will be fulfilled. As esteemed members of the Finnish Travel Industry Association (SMAL) and The Worlds Leading Ground Operators (TWLGO), they adhere to the highest standards in travel planning.

Dedication to Excellence and Client Fulfillment

At the core of this travel company is a dedication to delivering quality and satisfaction to every client. Recognizing that travel is about more than just visiting new places, they concentrate on crafting experiences that resonate on a personal level. Their customized approach ensures that every facet of the journey is tailored to the client’s interests and preferences, from handpicking the ideal guide to guaranteeing smooth transportation and accommodations. This personal touch distinguishes them and has garnered a reputation for excellence within the Finnish travel sector.

The team’s commitment to client fulfillment is apparent in every interaction. They are not merely organizers; they are avid travelers who share in your enthusiasm and strive relentlessly to make your Finnish adventure extraordinary. By choosing this company, you’re not just arranging a trip; you’re investing in an experience that will be treasured for years to come. With their expertise, comprehensive network, and steadfast commitment, your Finnish journey is in the most capable of hands.

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