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Top Attractions for Guided Tours in Helsinki

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Historical and Architectural Marvels

One of the must-visit historical sites in Helsinki is the Senate Square. This iconic square is surrounded by neoclassical buildings designed by Carl Ludvig Engel, including the Helsinki Cathedral, the Government Palace, and the University of Helsinki’s main building. A guided tour of the Senate Square will provide you with fascinating insights into the history and architecture of these buildings, as well as the story behind the statue of Alexander II that stands in the center of the square.

Another architectural gem worth exploring is the Temppeliaukio Church, also known as the Rock Church. This unique church is built directly into solid rock and features a stunning copper dome. It’s not only a place of worship but also a popular concert venue due to its excellent acoustics. A guided tour will give you a deeper appreciation of the church’s design and its significance in Helsinki’s architectural landscape.

Art and Culture Hotspots

For art lovers, a visit to Amos Rex is a must. This contemporary art museum combines the old and the new, with its underground exhibition spaces and the historic Lasipalatsi building. The museum hosts a variety of exhibitions that showcase both Finnish and international artists. A guided tour will enhance your experience by providing context and background information about the artworks on display.

Oodi, Helsinki’s new Central Library, is another cultural hotspot. More than just a library, Oodi is a vibrant community space that offers a range of activities and events. From reading and relaxation to learning new skills, there’s something for everyone at Oodi. A guided tour will help you navigate this modern marvel and discover all it has to offer.

Unique Finnish Experiences

No visit to Helsinki would be complete without experiencing a traditional Finnish sauna. Löyly, located in the Hernesaari district, offers a unique sauna experience with its traditional smoke sauna and wood-heated saunas. The complex also includes a restaurant that serves locally sourced and ecological ingredients. A guided tour of Löyly will introduce you to the Finnish sauna culture and provide tips on how to make the most of your visit.

For sports enthusiasts, the Helsinki Olympic Stadium is a must-see. Built in 1938 and renovated for the 1952 Olympic Games, the stadium is a testament to Finland’s sporting history. The stadium tower offers panoramic views of Helsinki, and the Finnish Sports Museum provides a deeper understanding of the country’s athletic achievements. A guided tour will take you through the stadium’s history and its current role in hosting national and international events.

Practical Information for Visitors

Getting around Helsinki is easy thanks to its efficient public transportation system. You can use a single ticket to access trams, buses, commuter trains, the metro, and even the municipal ferry to Suomenlinna. Tickets can be purchased via the HSL mobile app or from various ticket machines and kiosks around the city.

Helsinki is also one of the safest cities in the world, making it an ideal destination for solo travelers, families, and groups. Whether you’re exploring the city on foot or taking a guided tour, you can feel secure and enjoy your visit to the fullest.

In conclusion, Helsinki offers a wealth of attractions that are best explored through guided tours. From historical landmarks and architectural wonders to art museums and unique Finnish experiences, there’s something for everyone in this beautiful city. So, book your guided tour with LSS – Long Special Services and discover the best of Helsinki!


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